Boss Beauties x Barbie Collaborative Drop

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May 18, 2023 – May 21, 2023




Global Web3 brand Boss Beauties and renowned toy brand Barbie joined forces to launch an NFT collection with a great message behind it. The series is focused on women's empowerment and elevation, especially when it comes to professional realization. 

With a wide range of career paths to choose from, the collection – which pays tribute to the 250+ careers in the Barbie line – is designed to inspire young girls and women to chase their dreams and believe in their abilities to achieve greatness. 

Barbie-themed digital collectibles are designed in Boss Beauties’ signature style, representing various professions – from artists to astronauts, from CEOs to pet vets, and beyond.

Boss Beauties and Barbie collectibles, minted on Flow, come packed into a box of 4 items of different rarity tiers. One pack contains two ‘Common’ cards, one ‘Uncommon’ card, and the fourth card could be ‘super rare,’ ‘ultra rare,’ or ‘exclusive.’ The specific rarity tier of the fourth card will be randomly generated for each pack priced at $25. Some of the rarities come with exciting real-world perks, including a Barbie Career of the Year Doll Set, a ticket to the World of Barbie, and a Career Sticker Pack. 

Early access to the pack opened on Tuesday, May 10th, while its official launch is scheduled for May 18th matching a collaborative event at Veecon. Those collectors who purchased the Boss Beauties x Barbie packs on May 10th will receive a special surprise collectible, which will be revealed in July of 2023. Moreover, the collectors can attend ‘Career Conversations’ with Franceska Capaldi, Gianina Paolantonio, and Dai Time. 

Boss Beauties and Barbie collab also bears a charitable goal as $250,000 has been donated to the Barbie Dream Gap Project and the Boss Beauties Foundation.

Set a reminder for the official launch date so you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own an exclusive NFT! Join Barbie and Boss Beauties on a mission to inspire women and bring them into a web3 world!

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