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May 19, 2023 – May 26, 2023





In a parallel Universe, not so far away, an abnormal Melanocyte Cell has evolved and penetrated the genome of an ancient Canines DNA. It has manifested over thousands of years to a point in time where Dogs were gradually born with extreme varieties of melanin levels and, hence, vibrant colours. Like in our timeline, the domestication of their lives has eliminated the need to evade detection by prey in the wild and now something deep inside their DNA just wants to play, be lazy, eat, sleep, and look pretty.

Altdogs is a ‘First of its Kind’ Project. It is the first ever character-based NFT collection to be based on and feature real-life Pets. The aesthetic result is therefore a ‘design combination’ of the Artist's vision and the hand of Nature that created the Dog.

This collection was portrayed by Smokey, a Black, White and Tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male aged 10 and Kerry, a White Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed breed Female, aged 11.

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