Maestro Bard: Astronaut

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May 25, 2023 – June 01, 2023









Blockepic is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the creation and presentation of interactive content through building blocks and blockchain technology. The term "Block" holds dual interpretations, denoting the fundamental components necessary for the creative process, while also alluding to the blockchain technology that ensures asset ownership for both content creators and participants within Blockepic world.

This platform empowers users to design and build games with remarkable ease by utilizing the concept of building blocks as the foundation for creation. Concurrently, the integration of blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent framework for the management and ownership of digital assets.

The Blockepic world thrives on the contributions of its community, as user-generated content plays a crucial role in its infinite evolution. By fostering a collaborative environment, Blockepic ensures that each addition leaves an indelible mark in the Blockepic world, shaping its continuous growth and development.

Tags: #art

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