Blobbs Battle

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March 08, 2023 – March 15, 2023





Blobb is a fully On-Chain and Dynamic NFTs Colletion with a little Game Experience.

A Blobb is a Dynamic On-Chain NFT that will change in its metadata and graphics based on the owner and other players Actions. Is a collection of 1000 BLOBBs, each with its own unique elements, who will take part in a small “survival battle” where the last survivor will be awarded as the KING OF BLOBB earning a unique item for his BLOBB and a cash prize.

Blobb Specifics

  • Only one BLOBB can be owned per address (a user can own x BLOBB with x addresses);
  • The address inside the BLOBB is the owner's address, NOT creator’s one;
  • The “1/1000” in the top left of the BLOBB represent the unique number (tokenId);
  • Each BLOBB starts with 10HP, the max HP value;
  • Each BLOBB starts at level 1. Max level is 99;
  • Every time a BLOBB accumulates 10 EXP it will level up;
  • When a BLOBB die it can’t do any Actions but transfer/sell the NFT;

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