Blak Hats Music

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October 10, 2022 – October 17, 2022



Decentralized Record Label: the first of its kind on Cardano. A collection of 6,666 unique Blak Hat Passes give holders exclusive first-access to all upcoming artist releases + metaverse assets and experiences for Pavia. Additionally, the NFT offers a vote in our collective; deciding which artists we sign, defining the direction of the label, all whilst forming a dedicated and music-orientated Cardano community.

Blak Hats will support exciting and talented artists who really need it, managed by an experienced and dedicated team of music industry professionals. Artists get fully funded releases, full artistic control and fair royalty splits.


Blak Hats Pass

Each Blak Hat pass is an Avatar with unique traits and attributes. These attributes are generated at random so that every purchase has an equal chance of being a rare token.

Artist NFTs

Every release on the label will include an Artist NFT only available to holders of a Blak Hat pass. These may contain music, videos, artwork, photography or a combination of all. A selection of the Artist NFTs released will contain limited edition content such as rare remixes, videos, gig tickets, VIP area access and more.

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