Beauty Investment

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





This is an Double investment NFT collection, The investment is for the first part of the build and set up of a beauty services booking system. This round of funding will give away 10% share overall. A well known company in this area has an estimated $75 million annual turnover. Depending on funding we expect to be launching 2023 TBC. This collection will be your share of this company each NFT being worth 0.01 Shares. A Website and Social handles will follow shortly during round 2 of funding. This Collection will include 5,000 images being released over time. This is where the second part of investment comes, each batch will cost more as detailed below. For you to sell if you require. NFT’s will start at 0.11 and work there way up 2.44. Make sure you get in early.

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