Beast Alphas

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July 24, 2022 – July 31, 2022



As NFT artists we are delighted to publish our collections. 

We know that surviving in this field without a utility or strong community is pretty hard. Doing shady things or scamming people is not what we want to do since we are trying to build a good name with a safe environment overall. That's the reason our team has decided that from our first NFT allocation, what we receive from the community, we will give back to the community, as a giveaway and a sign of respect from us. 

1 NFT = 1 Ticket 

Tier 3 NFTs - 0.08BNB-0.2BNB -> 2 Participants receive 1BNB each

Tier 2 NFTs - 0.21BNB-0.35BNB -> 2 Participants receive 2.5BNB each

Tier 1 NFTs - 0.36BNB-0.5BNB -> 2 Participants receive 4BNB each

When a participant decides to join the giveaway and buys a ticket (NFT) of a tier they desire, they win the ticket for the giveaway, if they buy more NFTs, automatically they increase their chance to win on the giveaway software since their wallet will be listed more on the tier they bought. 

Ex: you buy 1/3/5+ NFTs from tier 2, then on the giveaway for tier 2 we will list your wallet 1/3/5+ times, increasing the chance to win. The same will be applied to the airdrops, the more you hold, the more you will receive. 

From 100% that we collect, 50% will go right away towards giveaways in BNB, plus for everyone that participates and doesn't win in the giveaways, that ticket gives an airdrop right, of a token that you participants choose, where the team decides from the remaining 50% a percentage and we buy a coin/token and airdrop the remaining participants one by one.  

It is just a start where we walk and get ready to run while we know that if you do shady things the community cuts your legs or stops your breath because they hold the power, not scammy owners. Making everyone happy and providing something for all our participants is our main goal, that's why we decided to create this as an event where the community doesn't buy only cool art that can be resold again but has a chance of winning, even more, 10x-ing their money from the giveaways plus getting a token that they support which can also result on extra profits.

Important Notice: The Rewards will start as soon as all the NFTs have been minted!

Please don't hesitate to ask us anything, feel free to contact us on our socials! 

Have fun, good luck, and with respect from APD team!

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