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At Blue Chip Comics, we’re obsessed with everything NFT comic books. Whether drawing influence from Japanese manga, Marvel and DC superheroes, or grittier graphic novels, we simply love using images and words to tell stories that transport us to alternative dimensions. That’s why we’re taking the step into the world of NFT comics with our first flagship franchise, BattleSpecies.

1. Our Offerings

Unlike other NFT projects, we offer something more useful and unique that separates us from the crowd. Utility and Governance In addition to NFTs & comics, we offer our own Tachyon ERC20 token for staking rewards used for voting and NFT utility.

ERC1155 Comics

We’ll be among some of the first to offer digital comics as a staking reward for NFT membership Gaming Applications

The storyline of our comics naturally fit into gaming applications which provide further possibilities for membership engagement.

2. Our Target Audience

Our target audience includes not only NFT collectors interested in comics, but also those interested in how they can use their NFTs in different gaming contexts.

  • Scalable Storyline
    Based on the theme of BattleSpecies, we’ll never run out of ideas for different applications which are not limited to the metaverse but also simple multi-player battle games based on WebGL and other browser compatible technologies.

  • Collectible Comics
    Rather than just offering comics as a JPG or a PDF, we’ll be able to generate activity in our ecosystem by minting them using the ERC1155 interface. Not only does this provide more membership incentives but also creates more activity on the blockchain.

3. Roadmap (LAUNCH)

  • Project Launch - Nov 13th
    Upon project launch users will have the ability to mint 5/4500 NFTs. The first 1000 of which provide staking utility claimable in our interactive dApp.

  • Staking
    Based on a logarithmic tokenomic model, collectors will earn tachyon which will provide them the ability to change the name and bio of each NFT as well as hyperwarp new NFTs. Hyperwarping provides the ability to mint without paying Ethereum.

  • Contract Flexibility
    Our smart contracts are flexible enough that we can adjust certain parameters that would provide more incentives and value than those established at project launch. We also want collector engagement and governance which is why we will be making these decisions based on Tachyon votes.

4. Roadmap (FUTURE)

Our initial launch provides a scalable framework that allows the introduction of other blockchain tokens in the future 

  • ERC1155 Comics
    After collectors have staked for some time they will have the ability to change their NFT details and hyperwarp (free mint) more NFTs. In order to provide more utility, we will provide comics as a reward for staking.

  • Utility Hub
    Our smart contract responsible for dispersing rewards is scalable enough to provide the ability to allocate multiple reward models using ERC20 or ERC1155 interfaces.

  • Gaming
    At this stage of membership staking, we will have enough capital to re-invest in game development.

Unfortunately we had to reschedule our launch date to  NOV 27th, 2022. Only the first 1000 Alphas will be able to collect Tachyons for the next 10 years. Stake to earn our native Tachyon token. The battle starts here!

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