Bad Kidz

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February 20, 2022 – February 27, 2022





Earn Whitelist in our Discord through giveaways or by inviting 10 friends to the Discord!

Whitelist Private Sale 2/20. Whitelisted addresses will have the opportunity to adopt their Bad Kid early for .1 Ethereum (total supply - 1,000). 

Public Sale 2/22. Wallets will be able to mint up to 10 Bad Kidz NFT's for .2 Ethereum (total supply - 9,000).

Bad Kidz isn't just art...

1.  Characters in the metaverse. Holders of BKNFT's genesis project will receive a free 3D VX Bad Kidz playable character. This character will be your individualized identity in the metaverse. When not using your 3D VX model, you can rent it to other players for passive income while holding your character!

2. Bad Kidz Battle Royale. The 3D VX model you will receive doubles as your ticket to play in our play-to-earn Battle Royale game. Holders will compete to be the last one standing and the winners and runner up's will be paid out renumeratively.

3. The Playground. Whenever Bad Kidz aren't competing in Battle Royale, they can enjoy a holders only collaborative experience in a personalized metaverse to work with other holders. This will include office spaces for community members to meet and talk in the metaverse.

4. Exclusive 1/1 NFT's. Our artist @sevenstyledit's collection of more than 200 and counting hand drawn spectacular pieces will be dropped at a discounted price for BKNFT holders.

5. Merch. Our community is truly exclusive, to gain access to our merch drops you must be a holder.

6. A truly collaborative community. We are a team of young founders who believe in supporting those around them. If you're an upcoming artist or need support in bringing attention to your work, we will put you in the spotlight.

7. More on the way such as: community launch pads for new projects, collaborations with other NFT collections, member WL for future projects and so much more. 

8. Charitable causes like funding classrooms and broadening access to education. We will set aside funds for the community to decide a charity to donate to as a collective.

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