Atmos Exordium - Chapter 02

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January 25, 2023 – February 01, 2023





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About Atmos | Exordium
The starting gate opens. Thrusters ignite. Exo pilots launch themselves headlong into storm wracked skies.

Into the Fire
Bloodied by her encounter on the planet’s surface, Addy Aker awakens in shackles. Held by Emergent’s cruel and corrupt Huskarls, she will find herself defended by an unlikely ally – someone willing to overlook her criminal past in their pursuit of racing glory.

Pesh Chosen, a former ExoGP Champion, sees within Addy an unmined vein of raw racing talent. Pesh has simply to chip away at her rough exterior, convince her to join his team, and then unleash her onto the racetrack. But Addy is no one’s lackey. Motivated by neither glory nor fame. Uninterested in taking advice or changing her ways. Addy Aker doesn’t need a coach. She needs an enemy.

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