Atari Club - ARCs

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May 17, 2023 – May 24, 2023







First launched in the 1980s, the Club gave fans a way to supercharge their love of Atari with extra perks, sneak peeks and all those little things that made the era great... think stickers, pin badges, magazines, patches on bomber jackets, you name it. 

And now we're bringing it back. The new Atari Club will be a hub for the Atari X community.Fusing nostalgia, gaming and underlying web3 tech, it unites passionate players across generations in a fun, rewarding ecosystem packed with exclusive prizes, merchandise, and experiences.

An ARC is an Atari Redemption Certificate originating from the 1983 Atari Club. Originally ARCs were used to obtain exclusive Atari video game cartridges, merch and accessories. Today we have re-imagined ARCs as our early access admit one into the exclusive Atari Club! By holding an ARC in your wallet, you get early access to the Atari Club (and will get you into the club at official launch).

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