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AniME is a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 intricately crafted 3D NFTs, designed to give users the ultimate experience of creating their own anime characters. Developed by Odasea, this digital collectible sets a new standard of interactivity and customization in the world of NFTs.

Through Odasea's decentralized application (dApp), users can access a vast array of customizable features to create their own unique AniME characters. Physical features, clothing, and accessories can be combined in various ways, resulting in a truly personalized creation that reflects the collector's individual identity.

What makes AniME NFTs even more valuable is the opportunity they provide for collectors to generate passive income. AniME NFT holders have the chance to participate in Odasea's upcoming independent manga publishing house and earn a percentage of profits from both NFT format and physical print sales.

In addition, AniME NFT holders can use their character in upcoming games, receive a physical collectible of their character, and get early access to Odasea's anime-inspired clothing line. The versatility and potential for passive income make AniME NFTs an invaluable addition to any collector's portfolio.

Stored on the Ethereum blockchain, AniME NFTs ensure authenticity, rarity, and ownership. This guarantees that each AniME NFT is a unique and valuable digital masterpiece that will stand the test of time.

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