Angry Ostrich Country Club

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January 14, 2022 – January 21, 2022





9,999 Exclusive Angry Ostriches mad they can't fly so they stay fly! 

Presale: Jan14th 12:00pm PST

- Over $600,000 ETH in Giveaways to the 11 Rarest Ostriches and a $50,000 Giveaway to the Top 10 Discord Inviters.

- Every holder gets 2 NFTs for the price of 1, as you will only need 1 adult to breed your FREE baby Ostrich NFT.

- For the first 5,000 Adult Ostriches minted, the holders will receive a 3rd Free Egg NFT for early breeding and a higher probability of rarer traits.

- The Country Club will be purchasing land in the Metaverse and holding an exclusive event for holders In Las Vegas of Los Angeles for Roadmap 1.0.

- Roadmap 2.0 will be determined by holders with ideas of forming a DAO, a play to earn game, passive income through business ventures in the Metaverse and launching a 3rd collection: Baby Bionic Angry Ostrich Country Club.

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