American Animals Collection

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December 01, 2022 – December 08, 2022





• Use this Special Promo Code - DCEN - to mint any NFT for .08 ETH and become an Art NSDRS member. Spencer Reinhard, who was chronicled in the Hollywood movie American Animals, is collaborating with Art NSDRS to release his life's work as the American Animals 10k fine art NFT Collection.
• Reserved Listing Only Pre-sale event of 500 NFTs on OpenSea December 1-4
• Reserved Listing Only Pre-sale Price: .08ETH
• View the collection and select your NFTs on OpenSea starting November 21:
• Reserve listings on Art NSDRS Discord Server Reserved-Listings channel
Art NSDRS Discord Server:
• Use Reserved Listing Promo Code: DCEN
• Unlockable Content: Intimate 8-minute video of the artist in his studio talking about his art, life, and the collection
• Utility includes Art NSDRS membership that provides access to upcoming fine art NFT collections whitelists, airdrops, private viewings, reserved listings, metaverse projects, and events. Upcoming Art NSDRS Collections include iconic blue-chip artists like Santiago Cardenas, Ryszard Wasko, and Sergio Arau selling works from US$10k to US$300k+ 

• Art NSDRS Website:

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