Alchemy Gods

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November 21, 2023 – November 28, 2023


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Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos is an idle and turn-based game played entirely in Discord.

In Alchemy's team-based idle strategy game, Cosmic War, your God is a summoner of elementals. Together with your territory of friends, take strategic actions each day to dominate the battlefield. At the end of each battle, the territory with the highest score wins the most $SPIRIT!

Will you walk the path of the All or the path of the Self? The choice is yours.

The Alchemy Gods are a collection of 5,000 NFTs on Solana. Each God is a unique piece of art generated using AI tools and hand-tagged with attributes that influence your gameplay.

All Alchemy Gods are playable characters in Cosmic War, Alchemy's team-based idle strategy game played entirely in Discord.

At the end of each week's battle, your God will earn you $SPIRIT, Alchemy's game token. $SPIRIT is used throughout Cosmic War, Battle for Ankhos, and all future Alchemy game titles.

In addition to gameplay and $SPIRIT, your Alchemy God gives you:

    Exclusive perks in partner games and communities
    Early access to our newest titles
    VIP status in the Alchemy community


Alchemy is far more than a game - it's a game engine. As innovators in Discord gaming, we partner with likeminded gaming and web3 projects to bring our players a diversity of interactive experiences.

Alchemy has partnered with Shrapnel, the most anticipated AAA first-person shooter on Avalanche. Your Alchemy Gods give you access to exclusive Alchemy weapon skins in Shrapnel's extraction shooter. And, for every Alchemy God that is minted, minters will receive a Shrapnel Heavy Extraction Pack ($100 value, claim in Discord).

Shrapnel will be Alchemy's first gaming partner to construct a playable experience on our Discord gaming engine. Soon, your adventures in Alchemy will transport you to Shrapnel's apocalyptic landscape, our first of many crossover quests.

Several more unannounced partners will continue to provide Alchemy Gods holders with utility across the web3 gaming landscape.

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