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June 07, 2022 – June 14, 2022





The first automotive NFT Club 5.555 Cars 

A new concept of "Car Club" that brings the blockchain tools and combine them with the automotive world.


01/ The Club

Build a motorsport community in which, the members are the ones who decide the entire path of the project throughout its development.

The club will also aim to serve as a "networking" tool of the automotive world among its own members, with a view to possible commercial collaborations, events and new concepts.

02/ The Value

Since the project was born thanks to the reminiscent memories of childhood and toys, we believe that is important that all children around the world enjoy a fair and constructive childhood for their future. 

For this reason, part of the profits obtained through membership and exploitation rights will go to organizations and projects in defense of children's rights. 

03/ 4WD Toys

As a tangible embodiment of the token and membership, the vehicles will be physically produced. 

All the holders regardless of the number of Tokens they have, will receive the materialization of their Token in a physical and tangible way.

04/ The Meet

Every year, to celebrate the anniversary of the club's creation, a motorsport event will be held, to which members will have priority access and certain exclusive benefits and privileges.

Regarding the organization of the event, the members will be the ones who approve and decide a large part of the event and its activities.

05/ The Brand

An exclusive brand for members created around the project, which will launch capsule collections of clothing and special objects throughout the project.

06/ The Workshop

Facing THE MEET, “The Workshop” is proposed as a dynamic to choose a workshop and local pilots in the location determined for the event.

The objective of The Workshop is to carry out a preparation of a car selected by the members of the club so that it competes in the event at the hands of the selected driver.

This will compete against the rest of the teams and drivers for the victory of the club.

Once the race is over, the car will be raffled among the club members who have the TOKEN.

07/ Staking & Utility

The introduction of a dedicated currency for the internal market of the project is marked as an objective. 

Always promoting the oldest members and promoting the holding of the cars.

New products, raffles, tickets and collaborations will be financed within the 4WD atmosphere with the project’s currency.

08/ Metaverse Integration

The integration of the pieces into the main metaverse projects is one of the main short-term objectives of the 4WD Club. 

Attributing to all members an adaptation of the cars within the different and unique utilities of each metaverse.

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