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Roger Dean

William Rodger Dean is an English multifaceted artist popularly known as a typeface designer and painter born in 1944 in England. He started his artistic journey in the 1960's while painting album covers for musicians. He is well-known for his unique style of artwork on album covers, logos and video games. The band covers feature exotic fantasy landscapes very eye catching thus selling copies worldwide. Dean has received several awards such as Honorary Doctorate from the Academy of Art university in 2002 San Francisco, Honorary from the Arts university Bournemouth in 2009, and a Gold badge of merit from the British Academy of songwriters, composers and authors in 2013. He has worked with companies such as Harvest, Psygnosis, Vertigo, Tetris, and Virgin. Dean’s passion for arrt has seen him build two permanent galleries; Trading boundaries East Sussex in the UK and San Francisco Art.

His recent apparel design with Men’s spring summer 2020 show with Valentino was part of his three-part digital art series, Allurium. Other collections include:

  • Green Parrot Island
  • Floating Islands

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