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Nois7, officially known as Robert Jahns, is a remarkable digital artist, photographer, and creative director based in Germany. His works dominate popular social media platforms like Instagram, where he has over 1 million followers. When he was 15, his dad bought a camera which introduced Jahns to photography. From then on, the artist has refined his talent and added aspects of digital photo manipulation to make his work stand out. His success on Instagram has led to him being ranked among the top 50 Instagram photographers in the world. Nois7 was a finalist in Shorty Awards 2016 after his photos were nominated for the Instagrammer of the Year category.

In the same year, he was ranked as the number 1 Photographer on the web in Germany and number 13 internationally. As of Summer 2021, Nois7 had released 2 NFT drops on Nifty Gateway titled “Woke Up In A Dream” and “Dreaming With Open Eyes.”

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