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Ikartik Makwana is the founder and CEO of Dreamer’s Apparels. This is a global apparel brand based in New Zealand. He resides in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he helps upcoming entrepreneurs convert their ideas into reality. Besides, he runs K and K Travel agency which is based in the US and Australia. Ikartik makwana attended Aspire2 International for college, where he studied business, tourism, and hospitality. He saw an opportunity when blockchain technology started gaining traction worldwide and made a heavy investment in Bitcoin. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has a 7 Figure in Portfolio on Bitcoin.

On the side, Ikartik displays his knowledge of cryptocurrencies by writing on books covering aspects of Executive Management, Accountability, Successful startup ownership, Investment Strategies, and future business ideas based on Blockchain Technology. Ikartik collects and trades NFTs on OpenSea. He made two consecutive drops in the Summer of 2021 titled “Crypto Cacodemons” and” Crypto Draco.” Both collections comprise unique crypto dragons by Kartik Makwana.

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