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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a successful entrepreneur and marketer famed for his efforts in making his marketing brand, VaynerX, a force to reckon with in America. He is considered the best media and communications strategist for more than 100 clients across his company’s 4 locations. Gary spent his early days working at a wines store owned by his father. It was while he was there that he capitalized on the Internet boom by transitioning the store into e-commerce. The venture was an instant success resulting in the growth of the family business from $3m to $60m in sales over a 5-year period. Gary has served in various positions and is a business advisor in VaynerSports, DailyVee, #AskGaryVee, VaynerMedia, and more.

His entry into NFT was a collection available on VeeFriends which comprised 10,255 tokens. He is quoted saying that the collection is a blueprint for others to follow on how to bring value using NFT technology by giving access, community and real-life value found in the smart contract technology.

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