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Julian Frener, well-known under his brand name FrenerDesign, is an Italian 3D artist based in Austria. He is famous for loving to experiment with 3D shapes and designs, which has helped him build successful connections with businesses worldwide. He shares his creativity with budding creatives interested in following the path he took on his YouTube channel. There, he drops nuggets of wisdom related to 3D design and detailed tutorials that give lots of beginners much-needed help. Frener began professional training in 2019 at the University of Applied Sciences in Fachhochschule Salzburg.

Going by what he has achieved, the NFT space will see much from this creative in the years to come. His first mark is a three-piece collection titled “Alternative Existence,” which dropped on Crypto. Com. He describes it as a door that leads the viewer into different dimensions that seem similar but are completely different at the same time.

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