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Fox Cyber Art

Fox Cyber Art is an art collector who prefers to stay anonymous on the internet. However, that does not stop the artist from being vocal about interesting NFT projects and modern art. To be precise, Fox Cyber Art takes a particular interest in contemporary art made with modern tools. The artist appreciates how inventions in mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, data processing, and the blockchain have shifted art consumption today. There are successive posts on the artist’s social media pages publicizing the latest acquisitions in popular NFT platforms.

Fox Cyber Art made a debut collection in the NFT space in the summer of 2021 on the OpenSea Platform. The drop “Randoos” is a Conceptual Art Project. There are depictions of single-color pallets mixed using an algorithm to achieve a utopia of colors and shapes in a random abstract one-of-a-kind digital artwork. More drops by Fox Cyber Art are in the works and will launch in due time.

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Fox Cyber Art's past NFT Drops

  • Lucent explores the vividness of gradients and contrasting colors. They are offered as a limited set of vibrant color-scapes set against dark backgrounds. The light effect transcends traditional abstract art...

  • Conceptual Art Project. The depictions here are executed in a manner where the outcome is a vision of algorithmic conception. Modern techniques have allowed for a new exciting approach to...

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