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@BStract Art is a digital artist who prefers to remain anonymous on the Internet. He is known for his unique works of abstract art, which he sells as one-of-a-kind NFTs on the OpenSea platform. He terms his work as original mixed media art. According to the description on OpenSea, @BStract draws each piece by hand before manipulating a digital copy of his artwork. He uses his Instagram page for marketing, where he posts available and upcoming pieces to his growing audience. All his works of art are part of his collection on the OpenSea platform under the “Ice Dance Vol 1” title.

@BStract manages to give brief captions to his artworks. Most of the time, the name reflects the mood or state of mind the artist was in when coming up with the piece of art. Some of the artworks which most people viewed include “Acceptance,” “Fall From Grace,” and “Lost in thought.” @BStract announced to drop a new collection featuring unseen NFTs in the Fall of 2021.

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