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Blvck Paris is a lifestyle brand that sells luxury apparel and accessories to millions of clients worldwide. The brand is the brainchild of Julian O’hayon, a French designer. He saw the hidden opportunity in leveraging social media to sell exclusivity. One of the most successful clothing lines for men and women is the “All Black or Nothing” line which stamped the authority of Blvck Paris as the most luxurious brand in Europe. Julian is a self-taught coder and web designer who started making a movie-sharing application he marketed on social media. Besides the app, he shared minimalistic art pieces that carried a black theme on his social media pages under @anckor.

The first drop by Blvck Paris debuted in the summer of 2021 on MakersPlace. It was titled “Dark Mode 01” and comprised unique renderings of all-black 3D art pieces synonymous with the Blvck Paris brand. Julian described the collection as a demonstration of Blvck Paris’ poetic and artistic endeavour.

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