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Arben Vllasaliu

Arben Vllasaliu is a Switzerland-based freelance 3D and visual artist born in Kosovo. Born in a family of artists, Arben discovered his artistic passion at a tender age. He worked with leading design companies in Kosovo after his high school graduation in arts. He gained worthy skills and experience in graphic design and later embarked on a solo artist career in 3D and Visual freelance. Initially, he shared his animations on Facebook and Instagram, which gained him a massive following. His animations present an abstract style which is a blend of surrealism and expressionism. He draws inspiration. Although Arben joined the crypto art space later, his satisfying video animations in art space and social media have made him make massive sales. Some of his top sales include:

  • The Jam
  • DILEMMA: Frustration 1.6

Besides, Arben Vllasliu has worked with top names such as Justin Beiber, Twitter Art House, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry, and Pepper. He has won several awards, such as The Webby and ADC Awards.

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