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ALCrego is a self-taught digital artist whose unique art style allows still art pieces to come to life. He noticed a shift from how people perceived traditional art and practiced skills that could help him capitalize on the gap. He found his niche in making street art palatable to digital consumers by making loops to form realistic gifs. AL Crego uses Augmented Reality apps to spark the question of the necessity of traditional art museums. His inactivity on social media platforms has not stopped his works from going viral. His works have sparked conversations on largely viewed platforms such as Vice, ArchDaily, and BoredPanda. In addition, his productions have made it to exhibitions worldwide. AL Crego teamed up with street artists Lidia Cao, Aryz, Sokram, Phlegm, And Faith47 in his debut NFT drop. He launched it in Spring 2021 on the Markersplace platform under the “Digital Public Space” title. In the collection, there are digital murals from street art made into gifs. The art pieces seek to bring art from the screen to the streets and back again.

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