When Tangible Meets Non-Fungible: VeeFriends Promote Johnnie Walker to the Web3

The top-tier brand of Scotch spirits, Johnnie Walker, drives into the web3 space at the wheel of a "red Lambo of the NFT realm," namely, in partnership with Gary Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends. This jaw-dropping collaboration is a boon for both, as Gary is far from being a newcomer to the world of elite alcohol beverages, having grown in the liquor industry.

"...if somebody told 22-year-old Gary that his NFT project would be collaborating with the iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Bottle, he would've fallen off his chair," commented VeeFriends' founder on the collaboration.

Although this partnership is a big deal, it concerns only a selected number of holders of VeeFriends Series 1 Gift Goat tokens. Thus, only a small portion of VeeFriends holders, owners of 555 Gift Goat tokens, are receiving a minimum of six physical awards annually for three years to come. The blue-chip Gift Goat NFT floor is currently reaching 28 ETH, which makes them extremely valuable. On top of that, each of the 18 physical items will be paired with a unique NFT by a renowned creator.

So, already beneficial Gift Goat owners will grab a "Johnnie Walker Blue whisky kit that includes a custom-designed, limited edition Blue Label bottle and drinking accessories."

Actually, VeeFriends partners with DIAGEO, the parent company comprising the Johnnie Walker brand. “Our partnership with VeeFriends is a key opportunity for Johnnie Walker and DIAGEO to reinforce our desire to drive innovation and unique experiences that showcase our luxury portfolio,” Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of Whiskies at DIAGEO North America, commented on the collab, adding that “Johnnie Walker will look to share its most exclusive spirits through web3. Stay tuned.”

The selected Gift Goat holders will definitely brag about their Johnnie Walker set in their socials. Let's wait and see.