Startup Bitmark Attracts $5.6 Million on the Verge of Its Autonomy NFT Wallet Launch

While the world art community is massively exploring the world of NFTs, the need for non-fungible-focused services becomes a necessity. To meet the ever-growing demand, the blockchain startup Bitmark comes up with the Autonomy NFT wallet, which aims to merge the average art collectors with the world of NFTs.

On July 6th, Bitmark managed to raise $5.6 million of investment, on the verge of its Autonomy NFT wallet launch. The breakthrough product compatible with Ethereum and Tezos blockchains so far is currently available on mobile devices as an app. Also, Bitmark officials promise to roll out more integrations in the near future.

The wallet operates in tandem with Bitmark's Feral File, a platform that allows users to create virtual exhibitions of their collections. Thus, the merger of these two products offers an interoperable way to hold and display their collections.

According to Bitmark CEO Sean Moss-Pultz, the company enters the NFT market, offering the product, which both art and NFT communities have been striving for. 

I think in the next year or two, we're going to see a ton of innovation in space. The reason that I strongly believe this is I know of a number of larger display manufacturers that are making dedicated, really beautiful panels just for displaying digital art,” Moss-Pultz said.

The user-friendly, intuitive platform by Bitmark is the future we can observe and make use of right now. Have you already tried Autonomy? Go to our socials for discussion.