Opera for Android Announces Ethereum Layer 2 Integration

Opera, the company behind the widely-used Opera browser, has recently announced its integration with Ethereum’s Layer 2 exchange DeversiFi. This merge will allow users to perform transactions within the Opera for Android mobile browser wallet easier and cheaper.

By this step, the web browser is making crypto accessible to wide audiences. Recalling the company's prior actions, in 2018, Opera became the first browser to include a built-in crypto wallet and dApp explorer. Further, the web giant proceeded with multi-cryptocurrency integration into desktop and iOS versions. 

As a result of the Ethereum Layer 2 technology integration, Opera will become capable of reducing the high transaction fees for its mobile users.

To upgrade your Opera browser on mobile devices to Layer 2, just follow these easy steps:

  • install the beta version of Opera for Android
  • go to settings
  • open the crypto wallet feature
  • activate the L2 card there
  • transfer fiat or ETH from Layer 1 to Layer 2 wallets via Moonpay

On top of that, the breakthrough DeversiFi’s technology allows you to swap and transfer tokens directly in the wallet without extra hassle. Everybody willing can download Opera beta browser here for free. 

For those, who are not very much on the topic, Layer 2 is a set of DeFi solutions that help scale applications, reduce terms and cost of transactions, treating users to client- and environment-friendlier solutions.