Mastercard to Award a Mourinho NFT to a Lucky Cardholder

Mastercard is set to release its first non-fungible token (NFT). This is in partnership with the famed soccer coach and Mastercard ambassador, José Mourinho. The virtual asset will be randomly presented to one Mastercard cardholder who engages in the UK sweepstake.

Digital assets and collections are proving to be the way to go since the inception of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on the crypto market. NFTs are being rebranded and refurbished every day for auctioning. Thanks to blockchain, auctioning of NFTs is fast and lucrative. 

Many avid tech gurus and potential investors are willing to purchase these digital pieces. Looking at auctions and prospective sales, they are meant for people who have sheer knowledge of blockchain and NFTs because failure to do so will bias your purchases and sell-off points. It's a financial commitment that requires good research. 

That's why many non-tech brands are not even attempting to participate in the digital spectrum because of such factors. Thanks to Mastercard showcasing which manages to explicitly detail how NFTs are acquired and engaged with on a broader audience stage. Mastercard is using digital assets as reward packages to cardholders. 

Loopholes for piracy are tightly shut and exclusive offers are the main agenda. It is very common to come across massive promotions in any marketing endeavor. Promotions appear in different formats. From VIP tickets to trips but NFT comes with a different promo reward. Mastercard bonuses are very diverse and splendid but one has to understand that these offers can catch the attention of many customers. 

Traction is the main target and with such a marketing mentality it's easily reachable. Digital products have taken the crypto space by a storm of late but the truth of the matter is that blockchain-based product range is still foreign to many people. 

Different from Mastercard NFT projects, members can easily delve without any hustle or without any deep knowledge. 2021 has been a year of prosperity for Mastercard. They launched a global startup program that is meant to enrich and educate companies in the blockchain spectrum. 

It's all about dispatching enough knowledge on how digital assets are meant to benefit customers not the other way round. Such projects have added a lot of momentum when it comes to industry growth and experience. 

The inclusion of Jose Mourinho, a decorated figure in the world of football is a good move. Such moves will not only affect a surge in sports publicity but will expand NFTs in the sporting department. Though Mastercard is moving in this direction, Visa is also moving in its own direction as shown by their recent CryptoPunk NFT purchase. NFT industry has been buzzing with activity. 

PepsiCo chips brand, Lays, is also utilizing Non Fungible Tokens to pursue a campaign in Romania. Meanwhile, in the movie section, Warner Bros movie Dune was officially launched on NFT.

Competition is at its high at the moment. NFTs are taking over the world at an aggressive rate and we hope they will not take a dip anytime soon.