Next Big NFT Craze - Avocados Aren’t Just For Toast Says Kwyptoland’s Millennial Founder

There’s no question that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are here to stay. Those who haven’t been paying attention might not be aware of just how much they have changed the worlds of art, blockchain, and investing.

The first NFT project to be released on Ethereum was Cryptopunks in 2017 - and in the four years since they have become hugely impactful, setting off the 2021 NFT craze. Wiki points out that “due to their rarity and exclusivity, (Cryptopunks) are often used as the ultimate status symbols in close-knit cryptocurrency communities.” Today NFT art can command incredible prices from collectors - and are even being sold at traditional auction houses like Christie’s.

Industry watchers say new NFT releases from an exciting new project called Kwyptoland could be the next big thing in the NFT world. Kwyptoland is described as “an innovative sandbox collective created by a ragtag team of crypto enthusiasts, up-and-coming artists, and tech geeks” from across the globe - “all with different credentials and passions but with the same shared goal - future-proofing our world.”

What was the inspiration for Kwyptoland’s avocado-themed NFTs?

“We were thinking of boomers saying, ‘avocado toast is why millennials can’t afford to buy houses’? We thought, as millennials, wouldn’t it be fun to stick it to the boomers with avocado NFTs to prove them wrong? And then we thought maybe boomers would get into it too - purchasing the avocados and then selling them back to millennials at a more expensive price - just like avocado toast. Kind of a friendly war,” laughs Kywptoland founder, Chelsy Chew.

And that’s not all - someone has the chance to win 70,000 dollars. Chelsy explains :
“We think millennials need a break - what better to reward this avocado generation $50,000 plus $20,000 to a charity of their choice? Each KwyptoKado you hold will give you one entry. For example, if you hold 10 KwyptoKado, you'll gain 10 entries for a chance to win the $70k”

So what’s KwyptoLand all about? The website explains:

“Welcome to KwyptoLand. A metaverse that is carefully curated for the fun that exists on the Ethereum blockchain, forever… What are KwyptoKados? KwyptoKadoes are cute avocado avatar NFTs that were derived from the saying “millennials can’t afford real estate because of avocado toast”. Each KwyptoKado offers a series of rights in KwyptoLand’s projects and act as a booster for power in KwyptoLand’s first play-to-earn virtual game, Ether Footy, which aims to be released before Christmas this year. Rarity - Each avocado is paired with possible food pairings that goes with it in real life and has 4-7 combined traits of various rarities. The possibilities are endless, like the infinite lifespan of these millennial’s avocados on the blockchain. Don’t underestimate these cute Avocados, each KwyptoKado increases one bar of the power of your future team, and you will want them on your side ;)
Each KwyptoKado grants you the exclusive lifetime privilege of first access to all of Kwyptoland, where you can hang out with your forever family and have first dips on projects, airdrops, and benefits.”

Kwyptoland dates to remember:

"October 27
Our minting is broken down to two phases to reduce gas wars:
Whitelist Mint Wednesday October 27th 7pm EST
Public Sale mint Wednesday October 27th 9pm EST"

October 28th Announcement of the artist being featured for the next amazing collection, Army of Apocalypse, that brings the game together. All holders of KwyptoKado will be whitelisted automatically.

"December 15th
Free airdrop for KwyptoKado (power) & Army of Apocalypse (speed) holders."

December 22-24
Kwyptoland will be “air-dropping” real-world giveaways to random people on their nice list (holders). “Get your wish list ready by the 15th of Dec and try to be nice ;)”

More about Kwyptoland :
On the website
on Discord Join the KwyptoLand Discord Server! (never expire)
On socials : twitter and instagram @kwyptoland

Kwyptoland founders are available to speak to media.

Media Contact:

Tracy Lamourie
Founder, Managing Director, Senior Publicist
"Award Winning PR - Toronto, Hollywood & Beyond"
Toronto : 289-788-5881 * Beverly Hills : 424-444-8052
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Submitted 10/24/21, 5:37 AM