Zombie Apocalypse Crew NFT Launch

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September 29, 2021 – September 30, 2021





The year is 2065. Nuclear War has bathed the Earth in flames. Desperate survivors have tried everything they can to continue the human race, even attempts to raise the dead. Thankfully, the resulting experiments turned out to be pretty chill.  Watch the world burn with some of the best buddies you’ll ever have: Zombie Apocalypse Crew, now living (again) on the ETH Network. Mint price of .015 ETH and public mint begins on Monday, October 4th.

Play-to-earn game in development similar to iPhone game "Zombie Sweeper". Your faction will play a role in the airdrops and special items received through the game. Factions include; Old York City, Londone, New Francisco, Destroit, and Parished.

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