Yield Ones NFT

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March 31, 2023 – April 07, 2023


Magic Eden



We are building a game changerDeFi yield farming platform on #Polygon

The Yield Ones are the 1st true #realyield NFTs on Polygon

Farm, swap, level up! A unique new way to incentivize automated market making with NFTs.

Why collect the Yield Ones and join the genesis presale?

  1. Our yield farming platform and DEX will offer gamified incentives via #NFTs, a novel and unique solution to connect the two. To take full advantage of our platform services, you will need a Yield Ones NFT.
  2. Use your Yield One NFT to gain access to features and rewards while you level up! Every time you level up your NFT, your reward chances improve.
  3. Every time a user with a staked Yield Ones swaps tokens on the platform, they earn rewards from collectible NFTs or in our native token $REALYIELD.
  4. Liquidity providers that wish to yield farm on Community Market will also need a Yield One NFT!
  5. Genesis Yield Ones generate $REALYIELD

The Yield Ones NFTs will mint a unique Genesis Collection on March 31 2023, with specific attributes that future Yield Ones will not have, including the ability to passively generate the platform's native token, $REALYIELD, through staking.

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