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May 22, 2023 – May 29, 2023




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Pierre Pauze is a French video Artist who started exploring Web3 art through his project "xSublimatio" made in 2021 with http://faction.art. In "xSublimatio", the artist generated visual representations of each of those molecules based on their chemical composition, with the help of a PhD drug scientist and a generative artist.

The process sits at the crossroads of art and science. Originally launching on Ethereum, "Sublimatio" allows users to assemble molecules together to create different types of drugs, each one with unique visuals. While the consumption of images and data on the Internet have now, more than ever, become an addiction stimulating the release of feel-good hormones, this project uses modern NFT technology to stage the representations of molecules (symbolising our tangible reality) through the prism of drugs and water. xSublimatio is based on Pierre Pauze’s 2019 film “Please Love Party”. In this movie Pauze questions what love is from the viewpoint of chemistry and waves. After synthesising a molecular love potion in the laboratory — in reality a powerful psychotropic drug made from chemical components and drugs found on the Darknet — Pauze transferred its essential information into water using a wave transmission device. According to the controversial scientific theory of “water memory”, this process enables water to be loaded with information that alters its molecular composition in order to transmit data or to transform it into any substance. As there is no consensus on this theory, the drug thus becomes homeopathic and fictional, until proven otherwise.

About Pierre Pauze

Graduated from Le Fresnoy and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Pierre Pauze has won the Artagon prize, the Agnes B prize, the ADAGP revelation digital art video prize, and recently the Hauts-de-Seine department prize at the Salon de Montrouge. Currently resident at Poush Manifesto, he was previously resident at the European program “The Spur” and at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in France and around the world, such as at Paris FIAC art fair, Luma Arles, Centre Pompidou, the Monnaie de Paris, La Villette, the Es Baluard Museum in Palma, Mallorca, the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, Chengdu and Taipei Biennale, Beijing Digital art Biennale and the "Futures of Love" exhibition at the Magasins généraux. Pierre Pauze's films have been shown in festivals and on television, in France and abroad.

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