World’s First-Ever NFT Art Made by an Elephant

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October 28, 2021 – November 04, 2021





It’s time to join trunks and change the world. Here at BitTrunks, we’re giving you the chance to own some of the most unique NFTs in the NATURAL world. Personally created, paintbrush in trunk, artwork by our uber-talented Tunwa. This male Asian Elephant loves putting his vision on canvas, all of his own accord and in his own time. We have the videos to prove it.    And if you decide to join the herd, you’re not just getting an NFT made by an elephant, you’re getting the real deal, physical painting sent directly to your address as well. Oh, and the proceeds go to making better lives for our elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. So, what say you? Are you becoming one of the herd? Are you a BitTrunker?   Bookmark our profile on OpenSea and see you on October 28th.  



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