World Wide Landscape

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May 16, 2022 – May 23, 2022





Every wwl you buy as nft

Creates a new life

Simply put, human beings are a part of nature, however, the link we have with the natural world can often be forgotten and overlooked. But we cannot do away with nature. All cities critically depend on healthy interconnected ecosystems within and around them. And in times of crisis more than ever, that’s what also covid pandemic showed, it is important to remember why nature matters in our urban world. With that in mind, we have come up with nfts of iconic cities and regions in order to raise awareness but also make a difference in the world we live in.

Wondering how to keep your city on track in protecting and supporting nature?

Whatever city you buy as nft we create 100 lives by planting trees. In the contracts that we have mediated with the relevant organizations, we give you the opportunity for everyone to contribute to a greener and more beautiful land.

Nft like never before

Created in an artistic way, each wwl is unique the abstraction connected to the reality of a world that anyone who would like to visit can now have as his own as nft. You can now collect your favorite city, country or place in our beloved earth.

In the same way we collect souvenirs from the cities we visit world wide landscape nfts five you the opportunity to collect your favorite city but also making a difference by helping and sustaining the environment, and providing support to local communities.

You will get an honor medal

Pfp & wwl hoodie

With every wwl nft you buy, you will create a positive impact to the communities living in those cities and regions. You will not only improve the quality of human life without putting unnecessary strain on the earth's supporting ecosystems, but also get the appreciation of your efforts dedicated to this huge cause that impacts the future generations. The impact and recognition include trees planted in the endangered areas and the hoodies that will raise awareness in your local communities.

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