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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





A new NFT collection is launching, built to manage a community helping its members create passive revenue streams, based on the data already being collected on them every moment of their digital lives. 

The World Data Miner NFT collection is 10,000 unique, hand drawn Miners from throughout space and time, spanning earth years 1977 to 3077. (Read the history of humankind’s future here).

But this community and the NFT collection are more than dope, late 80s style cartoon art.

World Data Miner (WDM for short) is a data monetization organization that exist to provide its members different ways to create revenue streams from their data and already existing content. We show our members how to gather their most valuable data and upload it to our safe, secure, and encrypted servers.

We custom format this data before pooling it together with the related datasets of all members. This data pool is then made assessable to data buyers interested in the information. 

Every time we share a post, buy a product, DM a friend, watch a show, search for information, travel, exercise, sleep… we are creating valuable information. A lot of profit is being made from this data. Just not by any of us. It is being collected and sold and used in many different ways, with no benefit to us.

WDM has made it very quick, easy and FREE to join and begin the process of earning crypto from your data. Anyone who has figured out how to use social media can easily do it! This data can be anonymized at the source. You can also buy one of our NFTs and become a part owner of World Data DAO and share in our profits every year.

If you don't know anything about crypto, don't worry. WDM makes that easy too, and will show you how swap your crypto into dollars and send to it your bank or other payment account.

WDM provides short and easy to follow data tutorials for the most popular and visited websites, applications, and platforms. Members can confidently take control of their data, upload it to their secure data vault, and put it to work for themselves.  

To get started, sign up for free at Always free for data miners!

Some of the benefits of coming a paid member by buying a WDM NFT are the ability to hold board and committee seats, and help guide the future of our organization. WDM NFT holders also earn more crypto on each dataset uploaded into their data vault, as well as a higher percentage of trading fees generated from datapools they are participating in. NFT hodlers can create and publish their own datasets and pools. The list of benefits can be found at

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