Willies Factory

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December 04, 2021 – December 11, 2021



Hello, hello, my sweet, clever friends.  Do you remember me? I'm Willy Wonka, your favorite chocolate maker.  My chocolates just got even sweeter!  All 10,000 of them.


Each of these is guarantee NFT art.  Oh, but, but... the best and most important thing at the end! I've hidden golden tickets in 100 of them. And believe me, you desire to have them. With the tickets, you will be invited to my factory. You will face various mysteries and puzzles, and the one who comes up with the best solution will get 20% from the sale of these wonderful sweet chocolates. Another 10% will go to other golden ticket holders. Aren't I generous?


Oh well, I added more. I've hidden a few extra gifts for you in some of the chocolates. Your life has never been sweeter!


Mint starts on 2.12 at the price of 0,4 ETH per chocolate.


The grand opening is scheduled for December 25th.


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