What a Beauty

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March 12, 2023 – March 19, 2023





My art is witty and honest. And I need money to buy a Tesla for my husband, so what are you waiting for? Keep calm and buy my crypto memes.

Yana Tarakanova - is a young Russian author. Born in 1995 in Zelenograd. She studied at the Palace of Creativity on Columbus Square in Zelenograd and at the British Academy of Design. She also graduated from the law faculty of Moscow State University.

The artist works with augmented reality, and also creates a variety of 3D models for the POSSIBILITY of immersion in her work. Inspiration draws from everyday life.

In many works, Yana seeks to reveal the idea that artists light fire in people, passing it on to each other and notices some funny details, cases of synchrony in our lives, when the magical enters our world, making us smile at amazing Coincidences.

At this moment She is working on the creation of a large charity NFT project of the World of fragment agency together with the Give Life Foundation. She has sold and resold NFTs for a total amount of more than 3.5 ETH. Advised NFT blogger Yulia Polomina with an audience of more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. Advised NFT artist Semyon Skrepetsky with an audience of over 5,000 Twitter followers

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