Wcc Mint June 14th

Drop's mint website was not verified by its submitter in our Discord community
June 16, 2022 – June 23, 2022





The Women’s Creative Collective (WCC) is on a mission to produce a sustainable Global Brand that allows the NFT holder to experience the process of building a Collaborative Brand where creative meets retail on the blockchain!   Our goal is to have the community collectively influence and shape the WCC phygital (digital-physical) style.

We are seeking artists, fashion designers, content creators, marketers, vendors, and web3 enthusiasts to collectively create an ecosystem that integrates your art and fashion into the metaverse.

Holders will have access to monthly drops of digital wearables and matching physical clothing, free art drops, membership community experts, and exclusive IRL and metaverse events. This is your chance to collectively create and own the WCC Phygital Commerce Brand!

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