"Wasted Potential: Posters" by Panaroux

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May 12, 2022 – May 19, 2022





WASTED POTENTIAL is a sonic embodiment & catharsis of the best & worst moments through my early 20's. All these songs started as journal entries, as spoken word & poems for my sanity. Naturally, I fell back into music as a form of therapy for myself.

We sought potential; outgrew grandma's sweaters; plotted and prevailed; found inner healing; behold ourselves as we are; dared them all to try us; aligned with the muses; lost & found ourselves; then realised what importance means. Through depression, anxiety, abuse, loneliness, imposter syndrome, alienation, self doubt, misguidance, and the rest. Self realisation, acceptance, & alignment is a powerful force. No more Wasted Potential.


“WASTED POTENTIAL” is nothing short of a story of how I realised my human POTENTIAL, took off the SWEATER that kept me comfortable for too long; I realised I needed to change my mindset, values, philosophies & purpose - All to PREVAIL above my trauma, insecurities, & what some may even call “demons”. HEALING was a process I begun by myself, and I’m still doing by myself. Prescription meds moved the wrong way for me. Yoga, meditation, journaling, & truly expressing myself through my art was as an absolute purge of pain. BEHOLD, I’m here now. Reborn, a rebirth…DARE U to f*ck up my peace. Try me. My MUSE & I. A beautiful union I found only once. I fell in love with myself. Now these lames wanna TRY FIND ME since I’ve been on my good cause. Tell me, what’s IMPORTANT? To you? To me? SELF PERSEVERATION. NO MORE WASTED POTENTIAL!

The collection:


Track 01 “POTENTIAL”

POTENTIAL - A recollection of activities, events and moments that helped me realise I was wasting my potential. Moments that made me think, "there’s more to me; there's more to life than this”. The journey of self-discovery began here. "Don’t try find me, I’ve been finding me instead".


Track 02 “SWEATER”

SWEATER - It’s about the act of outgrowing parental love. Playing with the idea of “grandma gifting a sweater and eventually outgrowing it without realising” – that’s true growth. When I chose to move onto the new version of myself it felt forced, personally many a time have I wanted to burst the bubble that’s been built for me whether Mum and Dad approved, or not. Like many, I figured I had to deconstruct the sweater to make it work for me. In essence taking advice and lessons from that love and applying or adjusting it to my life where I saw fit. 


Track 03 “PREVAIL”

PREVAIL - Unintentionally, this song can be tied to the many ways we as individuals feel about success. It encapsulates that state of society and the social media era we are living in. We’ve all thought at some point “If I can’t fix it now, I know I won’t prevail”. Maybe this is the song for that feeling. For many with a lot of successful influences, it’s easy to feed into the social current & forget who we are, what makes us special. It is hard to find the will to prevail. “Only I have the power to make a change to my ways” - Prevail is an embodiment of this philosophy.


Track 04 “HEALING”

HEALING - Misunderstood at first listen, akin to the cycles of relapsing until thinking, “I’ve healed from depression and anxiety”. The melancholic beat befitting of this mood. The end of the track includes an interlude mid-panic attack, talking about what hasn’t allowed me to heal until track 05 of the E.P, Behold.


Track 05 “BEHOLD”

BEHOLD - “Coming out the other side of healing, almost like a rebirth”. When you feel yourself more than usual, Behold is the track you need to play as a reminder that the things you go through are a universal experience. Believe in yourself first. People are quick to judge, and the message here is a reminder that I’m human too. On my off days, I’m “Wasting my potential just like you do”. On those good days, I imagine my ancestors welcoming a seat at the table. My ancestors are watching over me giving me the energy to succumb to my true potential, and to be who I’m meant to be. 


Track 06 “DARE U”

DARE U -  An unedited freestyle. I was vibing, it was unplanned. I chose to not re-record it. The kind of energy on Dare U is saying “TRY F*CK WITH ME”. The energy on this song makes it feel like the instrumental is riding over the vocals. The saxophone in the background really adds romance to this beat, giving a ‘feeling myself’ moment. Dare u, fam.


Track 07 “MUSE”

MUSE - About a person that slowly became important to me at just the right time as an individual. This person taught me how to instil belonging within myself. This person became my muse. Carti energy; run it & flip.


Track 08 “TRY FIND ME”

TRY FIND ME - Getting back on track. The point at which intention, affirmations, & meditation entered my life. Self care is a job. Turn up, don’t be late, & no excuses. Getting to know my mind & body was difficult. Isolating myself often felt right to block out the noise. It’s when people need you in these dark times and you’re right there, but at the same time you’re not. “Try Find Me” came out of dissociating into my head too often. Wya?


Track 09 “IMPORTANT”

IMPORTANT - Once being through the journey of self healing and figuring out exactly what “IMPORTANT” to me, the healing will no longer be temporary. 

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