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July 01, 2022 – July 08, 2022





WAAITT is a generative collection of 2222 genesis nft's made to bridge the music industry with the nft space.

Some utility points of how we aim to reach this goal:

- A festival metaverse (Festiverse): we want to be the first that bring real life enjoyment to the nft space. Metaverse land parcels will be bought so we can build our own universe where artists can perform for real holders or people that bought tickets.

- Staking $notes tokens: the waaitt collection will include staking the nft for $notes tokens. The $notes tokens will be used to buy items for future events, for example, tickets to the festival metaverse, meet and greets with various artists and more to come.

- The first web3 music label: we want to be a web3 music label where the relationship with the artists is very transparent, this creates trust with the artist, label and community.

- Full DAO integrated web3 company: since we are aiming to be a web3 company and also a music label we want the holders to decide what happens with the future of WAAITT. Voting rights will be used to make decisions. Decisions include subjects like: what will be in the festival, which artist do we sign for the label, what artist we partner with.

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