Visney Intergalactic Art Society

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February 06, 2022 – February 13, 2022





Visney art organization offers a collection of 4.390 unique NFT’s made out of 232 characters on different backgrounds. Each Character and Background is hand-drawn on paper, scanned to the computer at ~5000x7000 pixels, cleaned, colored and prepared and the Characters were then placed on each Background manually to preserve quality. Pieces were made by zooming in and cutting on the computer and Hashtags were then created by modifying the Pieces and making new artworks out of these. Our ERC 721 smart contract has a total supply of 6000 unique NFTs.

The first 4390 Nfts are randomly minted in Phase One and the remaining 1610 new special artworks will be auctioned during the years in our VIN-ART Room . Every one of the 6000 NFTs will yield 1 ERC-20 VIN Token per day, indefinitely. There are also burning mechanisms through transactions happening in the VIN-ART Room.

Many raffle and game rewards will be given in Phase Two and during the minting and our most loyal organization members will receive special future rewards. Please join our Discord channel and our Twitter account for the upcomming announcements of the exact mint date. Stay tuned for the upcomming pre-collection NFT Visney Genesis launch of our 232 1/1 characters with descriptions and their properties, on OpenSea.

The Visney organization aims to become a free and open space, where all artists can create and offer their NFTs and collectors can collect the art commission-free with our VIN ERC-20 Token that our artworks create daily, indefinitely.

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