Visa Masters of Movement Soccer Collection

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November 01, 2022 – November 08, 2022





Foreseeing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the world's largest global financial services company Visa is releasing the up-notch soccer-themed NFT collection. The NFT series entitled Visa Masters of Movement comes to the web3 pitch as a fusion of soccer, art, and technology, transforming the renowned players' characterful moves into dynamic non-fungible art pieces.

The collectibles will be dedicated to five World Cup champions, including Jared Borgetti, Tim Cahill, Carli Lloyd, Michael Owen, and Maxi Rodriguez. In the Visa Masters of Movement NFT collection, the brand depicts the soccer superstar as artists, while the pitch will be their canvas.

To create its soccer NFT memorabilia, Visa has partnered with London-based digital art company XK Studio. The cutting-edge tracking technology recorded players' movements, ball positions, passes, skill moves, and goals to onboard them later into the supreme NFT collection. The tracking results were fused with the art-generating algorithm, creating flowing real-time visualizations of each soccer player's moves depicted in dynamic NFTs.

The five-piece NFT series will be put up for auction starting on November 1st and will be open for bids till November 8th. The initiative bears a charitable cause, as all the proceeds will benefit the Street Child United fund to change street children's lives for the better.

In addition to a blue-chip dynamic Visa Masters of Movement NFT memorabilia, the winning bidders will also grab a high-res file to print a static copy of the artwork, and physical collectibles from footballers, including the following redeemables:

  • A signed match-worn Argentina jersey from Maxi Rodriguez
  • A signed 2014 FIFA World Cup-worn Australia jersey from Tim Cahill
  • A signed Mexico jersey from Jared Borgetti
  • A signed Sports Illustrated magazine and the US jersey from Carli Lloyd
  • A signed match-worn England jersey, boots, and the autobiography Reboot copy from Micheal Owen

Grab a chance to own a one-of-one NFT inspired by FIFA World Cup history and help vulnerable children, alongside enjoying soccer superstars’ iconic moves.

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