VeVe x DCon 2022 Collection by Sket One

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022






One of the world's largest art and design conventions DesignerCon International (DCon) has partnered with a renowned painter, illustrator, and designer Sket One to deliver VeVe x DCon 2022 Collection for iOS and Android minters. The artist started with graffiti back in the 80s. Since 2003 Sket One has taken over designing vinyl toys for Kidrobot, 3D Retro, Red Magic, I Am Retro, and more. The creator's distinctive designs, matching a variety of techniques, colors, and motifs allowed him to work with such titans as Facebook, Universal Music, NFL, MLB, DC Comics, Ford, Coca-Cola, Warner Bros, and others.

Currently, Sket One is bringing one of his most cohesive characters, Ting the elephant, to web3. The extensive VeVe x DCon 2022 Collection is dropping on August 6th in a bling box format, and features Ying in four vivid designs:

  • Sket One — Phase One Ting. The NFT, featuring a rainbow-colored elephant of Uncommon rarity, comes with 999 editions.
  • Sket One — Boom Ting. The 888 Rare Boom Tings deliver a Lichtenstein Pop Art vibe from the red-dotted areas and distinctive explosive graphics on the character's tummy.
  • Sket One — Radioactive Ting. This fun yellow-greenish, glowing Ting has probably got into a nuclear accident with a radioactive container worn as headgear. There will be only 777 Ultra Rare Radioactive Tings available for grabs.
  • Sket One — Bombed Ting. This Ting is preparing for his role as a cannonball, processed in glossy black and silver colors. Only 555 Secret Rare Bombed Tings will be revealed after the collection is sold out.

DesignerCon brings thousands of representatives of art and design under one roof, selling collectible toys, customs, plush, exclusive apparel, merch, and a great deal of items with the distinctive touch of urban, underground, and pop art! 

Stay tuned, as the current VeVe x DCon 2022 Collection is just one in the series of those planned throughout the year. More big-name collaborations and blue-chip collections are just around the corner.

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