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May 09, 2022 – May 31, 2022






The war keeps raging on Ukrainian land, driving the country to the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Ukraine urgently needs help from the world, and it gets it. The digital creative community has been with Ukraine from the very first days after the Russians invaded the country, raising funds for humanitarian initiatives with the help of NFTs.

Thus, the people of Spain, unwilling to stay aside from the war in Ukraine, have joined efforts to show their support and help by creating a 1,000-piece NFT collection titled United for Ukraine. It's the first time ever that nine Spanish NGOs have come together for such an initiative.

To make the drop possible the charitable organizations turned to the acclaimed artist and architect Javier Mariscal. Thus, there are 4 artworks in the collection, depicting Ukraine in war: Los tanques en mi ciudad (Tanks in my city), Desastre en mi calle (Disaster in my street), Donde está mi papá (Where is my dad), and Ya no sé dónde vivo (I don't know where I live).

Somewhat childish digital arts are available now at the OpenSea marketplace. According to the project's website, "100% of the money raised will go to help refugees and internally displaced people, child protection, the provision of shelter, food, and basic necessities, health care, the donation of medical equipment, psychological support to affected children and families, educational support to minors and the investigation and documentation of human rights violations to put pressure on the Russian authorities and demand an end to the attacks."

Contribute to peace in Ukraine and the whole world. Doing good is so easy!

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