Underground Ape Club

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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022





Underground Ape Club is an NFT Collection consisting in 10.000 clubber Apes. The project wants to build a bridge between the IRL and the Metaverse clubbing experience.

The Roadmap contains many features and benefits for the holders, such as: 

50 ETH treasury, UAC DAO, a Porsche Cayenne Raffle, but the most important thing is the release of the VX 3d NFT collection, that will allow you to attend to the big Sold-Out party in the Metaverse and all the next events. 

The target is to build an Underground Ape Club Events brand, organizing IRL + Metaverse parties, where the holders will attend with the UAC NFTs as free pass and will receive shares of the revenues from these events. Uh, and you could be lucky enough to win a $100k Porsche Cayenne...Join Discord to learn more about our vision.

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