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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022



Unique 3d nft avatars for the metaverse.

10,000 Ultrabots. From the 12 Domains. Created by The Entity. Arriving in the UltraVerse soon.

Second-gen NFT Avatars

Built from the ground up for AR, VR, and the Metaverse, Ultrabots are fully-functional 3D avatars for Web3 applications.


Twelve DNA types, multiple unique bodies & heads, various metals & colours, 100s of unique visors & chest screens, and multiple adornments to make up the most diverse and intriguing NFT collection to date. 


Expandable traits — through battles and other achievements via side-chains, Ultrabots can be expanded and gain rarity through new traits and adornments.


3D UltraPod — show off, kit out, and export your NFT avatar to various Metaverses.

An Arena — battle one-on-one with other Ultrabots.

The Tournament — put your unique traits to the test, with a chance to win the prize pool.

Help Shape the Community

Currently in Pre-sale, we are running a limited mint (pre-sale) of 1,000 Ultrabots.

All members of the first 1,000 will help shape the community and future of the project.

Pre-Sale Bounty

The first 1,000 Ultrabot owners will additionally receive:

--An enhanced (2x) airdrop of UltraBucks.

--Access to The One Thousand Lounge

--A uniquely-themed 3D UltraPod

--Privileges in the UltraVerse

--Help shape the direction of the project

--and more...

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