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November 20, 2022 – November 27, 2022


Magic Eden



Mint Price. 4.00 SOL - Mint: 20-11-2022

TUKOWSKY envisions being one of the most reputable brands creating a tight-knit community focused on helping people, while becoming the most utilized and respected TKS in Solana. We are dedicated and plan to continue to brand our project around the NFT space and have connections that can further establish our brand to benefit our long-term incumbents while adding value to TUKOWSKY.


1/1 TUKOWSKY NFTS Auction.

-All proceeds will be donated to charity and a donation voucher will be provided.

-Launch of the betting website.

-Launch of sweepstakes platform to raffle collab WLs and other exclusive gifts for holders.

-Platform to exchange TUKOWSKY funds with $TUKOS token.

-Mention of 1.000 relics with $TUKOS token.

-TUKOWSKY mutation.

-Online store for the development and manufacture of TUKOWSKY merchandise.

-Real life events

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