Trusted Brands by Cey Adams

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July 12, 2021 – July 13, 2021






On July 12th, a renowned artist who emerged from the downtown graffiti movement, Cey Adams drops the ‘Trusted Brands’ NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway.

Cey always explores the relationship between transformation and discovery and illustrates his findings in his art. Pop culture, race and gender relations, cultural and community issues are the main topics of his artworks.

The artist dismantles various imagery and paper elements to build multiple layers of color, texture, shadow, and light. The main sources of inspiration for Cey are 60’s pop art, sign painting, comic books, and popular culture.

‘Trusted Brands’ NFT Collection features a series of paintings created to explore our fascination and hypnotic relationship with brand loyalty. All the characters, images, and mascots in NFTs are metaphors to analyze larger questions about the “Celebration" of American culture.

“At first glance, like pictures in a book or magazine, my paintings are very recognizable. Your eyes and brain tell you what you’re seeing is familiar. Feelings of comfort and nostalgia take over. Push in closer and hidden messages are revealed, raising questions about our values, consumerism, race, gender, class, and history.” – says the artist about his collection.

It’s gonna be a great drop! Add it to your calendars not to miss ‘Trusted Brands’ by Cey Adams!

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